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A few of your friends have rented a boat and asked you to go fishing for the weekend. It sounds like a ton of fun except, you have no idea what you’re supposed to bring with you. You’ve only been fishing a handful of times. It’s not enough for you to be able to make a complete fishing gear list off the top of your head.

The only thing you’re sure you’ll need is a rod and reel. Everything else has you drawing a blank. Allow us to assist you. Check out this guide for a complete list of items that no fishing trip can go without. 

Rod and Reel 

As you’re probably aware, a fishing rod is a long pole that’s made out of a flexible material. There are rods that are designed for pretty much any of fishing that you want to do but if you’re a beginner it’s best to go simple. 

All you need is a rod of medium strength that can give you the control and responsiveness to pull in your fish. As far as reels go, a spinning reel will suit your needs fine. As you gain more experience you can upgrade to a baitcasting reel. 

Extra Fishing Line 

There’s a good chance that the rod and reel set you buy will come with at least a few rolls of fishing line. It’s still a good idea to bring some extras. Fishing line has the bad habit of getting caught on stuff when you cast it out. 

When that happens, you’ve got to cut it and start over. As you can imagine, you’ll run through your fishing line pretty fast. You should also bring along fishing lines of different strengths. 

If you’re in rough waters you’ll need a line that can take some extra punishment. If you’re in clear waters, a thin fishing line will do. 


Fishing hooks are designed to hook into the fish’s mouth when they come up to take a bite of your bait. Sometimes the hook will get stuck in a different area of the fish’s body but the purpose remains the same. 

You’ll need hooks of various sizes in order to catch different types of fish. They come in single, double, treble, and circle. As a beginner, you’ll mostly be working with the singles. 

Bait and Lures

Bait is the thing that you put on the hook in order to entice the fish to bite. The best thing you can do is pick up live bait. What live bait you use depends on the fish you’re trying to catch but the most common is worms or minnows.

If you don’t want to work with live bait, you’ll need to invest in lures. They’re used to mimic the fish’s regular food source and attract them to your hook. 

Lures are good to bring on any fishing trip just in case you end up running out of live bait during the day. Use light-colored lures if you’re fishing in clear waters with favorable weather. Dark lures work best for cloudy days and murky water. 


When you rent fishing gear, don’t forget about bobbers. They sit on the surface of the water and dip down when a fish has taken an interest in your bait. Once the bobber has dipped all the way down in the water, this queues you to begin reeling the line in. 

When you’re purchasing bobbers you should go for the smaller ones. You want the bobber to be large enough for you to see it but not so large that it’s impossible for it to be pulled under. 


Sinkers keep your line stabilized as the hook and bait begin to sink down into the water. It’s a good idea to bring as many of these with you as you can. 

The reason why is because they’re small. On a long fishing trip, you will lose a lot of sinkers and since they’re an essential piece of performance fishing gear, you can’t afford to run out. 


As your line and bait spin around in the water, your line will become more and more tangled. Eventually, you may have to do away with the entire line. Swivels stop this from happening. 

They still allow your bait and line to spin and move around so they can attract the fish but it stops tangles from happening. 


Taking hooks out of fish can be dangerous. You leave yourself vulnerable to taking damage from teeth and of course, the hook itself. Accidents happen as well.

Someone that you’re fishing with could pull back the rod to cast out their line and end up hooking you if you’re standing too close. In both of these instances, a good pair of needle-nose pliers will be a lifesaver. 

Line Cutter 

Your fishing line is made of pretty sturdy material. It has to be or it would snap every time a fish pulls too hard. In order to set up a new line, you have to cut the old one so be sure to add a line cutter to your tackle box. 

You can pick up a cutter that’s specifically designed for the job or simply bring along a sharp, sturdy knife. Either one works. 

Your Complete Fishing Gear List 

Are you about to go on your first fishing trip? You’ll need to create a fishing gear list to make sure that you have everything you need for a fun and fruitful experience. Add the items listed above to your tackle box and don’t forget the sunscreen. 

You can’t go fishing without a boat. Go here to book one from us and enjoy your weekend on the water. 


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