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The Sunshine State has some of the best vacation spots in the country. From the Keys to Miami, there’s so much to see and do.

Although the entire state has great weather, the weather in Palm Beach Gardens makes it a ‘hotspot’ in Florida. 

Are you looking into planning a trip to the Atlantic Coast of Central Florida? Let’s take a look a why Palm Beach Gardens is perfect for your getaway—nearly anytime of the year.

Weather in Palm Beach Gardens

The overall weather of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is sunny, warm, quite humid, and generally delightful. There is a cool coastal breeze coming off of the Atlantic Ocean that helps to keep the summers cooler than if you were to travel further inland in Florida. 

If you like sunshine and the ocean, you will love this part of the state. Winters are short and mild, which is why it is home to many seasonal ‘snowbirds’. These are the people who flock to the area to escape their own snowy winter hometowns. 

Month to Month

What month (or season) is the best time to visit Palm Beach Gardens, Florida? That depends on personal preference, but the most popular time is summer when kids are out of school and the beaches get packed. The locals, however, love late spring and mid-autumn. 

Average temperatures* (high/low) month to month are:

  • January-73/56
  • February– 76/59
  • March– 77/60
  • April– 82/67
  • May– 84/70
  • June– 88/74
  • July– 89/76
  • August– 89/76
  • September– 88/75
  • October-84/71
  • November– 79/65
  • December– 76/61


As you can see, the temperature gradually increases/decreases from month to month. There aren’t any dramatic temperature changes in Palm Beach Gardens—even from day to night.

Perfect Beach Weather

The best part about Florida is its beaches. It is almost impossible to take a trip to the Atlantic Ocean and not go to the beach—even if you don’t care too much for sand!

You don’t have to just sit on the beach to enjoy it. You can take a walk along the water, play volleyball, or take a dip in the ocean. Ocean temperatures range from the low 60s to the mid-80s. 


Florida is known as the Sunshine State, but it is also known for its high humidity. This is great for tropical plants, people with curly hair, and those that dislike dry climates.

As the most humid of all of the 50 states, Florida has an average humidity of around 75%. 

The 4 O’Clock Sprinkle

If you are visiting Florida for the first time, you may get worried around 4 PM when it starts to rain. But the locals know that it only lasts for 15 minutes. It is nothing to worry about, and it happens nearly every day in the spring and summer.

On average, Palm Beach Gardens will get some type of precipitation around 140 days out of the year.

Hurricane Season

Hurricanes are serious forces of nature, however, don’t let hurricane season be the deciding factor of when to visit Palm Beach Gardens. Hurricane season lasts for six months out of the year and goes through some of the best months. Hurricane season falls from June 1st to November 30th, with the peak of the season in August and September.

Hurricanes are unpredictable, happen randomly, and do not always make a noticeable difference in the area—despite being located on the Atlantic coast. Forecasters estimate that Palm Beach Gardens experiences a serious hurricane once every ten years.

From Day to Night

The Florida sun and heat can be extreme. The sunset is beautiful because the Atlantic coast gets some of the country’s most colorful sunsets. There is also relief that comes from a slight drop in temperature.

Though the humidity level is barely affected, the lack of sun beating down makes quite a difference. You may notice more people going out before noon and after 4 PM because of it.

The “Colder” Months

Compared to other parts of the country, Palm Beach Gardens has a mild winter, and the coldest weather is short-lived. The word cold is debatable when in Florida.

Locals consider anything under 70 degrees to be cold and may dress in full winter gear. On the other hand, northerners will be out in tank tops and flip flops until the temperature drops under 50 degrees.


One of the most popular things to do on the east coast of Florida is, of course, spending the day on a boat. Cruising around, enjoying the scenery and weather is reason enough to get out on the water. But, there are also so many wonderful activities to get into.

As Florida has amazing seafood, fishing is therefore one of the top reasons people go boating. Watersports such as wakeboarding, waterskiing, or tubing are tons of fun. Pack a picnic so that you don’t have to come back to land when you and your crew get hungry.

People use all types of boats in Florida. From speedboats to sailboats, there is something for everyone to enjoy, as well as several marinas to dock at.

Glorious Golf Weather

A huge draw for Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is the golfing community. It’s home to the PGA National Golf resort, which has five championship 18 hole courses. Even the names of the local roads have golf influences. 

According to experts, cooler weather is preferred, but any day is good for golfing. Typically, the hottest months of June to late September mean that the golf course is busiest early in the morning before the warmest part of the day, or after dinner when the sun eases up.

The Sunshine State

No matter what your preferred temperature is, the weather in Palm Beach Gardens has a season for you. Catering to the boaters, the beach bums, the golfers, and everyone else—the Atlantic Coast is a dream destination.

Gulfstream Boat Club is the local leader of fun in the sun and is there for your boating needs. Contact us today!


GBC has the fastest-growing fleet of cruising and fishing boats in South Florida. our reputation for excellent service and safety is second to none. Wheter you are planning a sunset cruise, ocean fishing, or a family water skiing trip on the intracoastal, GBC makes it simple and easy.

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