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Boat Charters in Honeymoon Harbor, Bimini
Honeymoon Harbor is just one of the great fishing and snorkeling spots in Bimini.

Yellowfin tuna season in Bimini, Bahamas is April and May, so it’s just about time to begin planning a Gulfstream Boatclub fishing charter to Bimini from South Florida.

GBC can help you plan the ultimate day or overnight boat rental to this colorful destination.

If you leave for Bimini before the sun rises, you can even troll on the way out, fish all day, and come back by nightfall—it’s better to stay the night and enjoy the fishing, beaches, and all that Bimini offers.

Learn more about what awaits you on a memorable boat rental to this spectacular destination.

Bimini is a collection of two islands and a sprinkling of cays just 50 miles off the coast of South Florida.

In the colonial era, it was a hideout for pirates who stalked treasure-laden Spanish ships coming from South and Central America and the Caribbean.

During Prohibition, liquor was legal in what was then the British Bahamas, and Bimini was a source of booze for South Florida.

Writer Ernest Hemingway visited Bimini in 1935 and then returned for two summers afterward, writing part of “To Have and Have Not” while there; other famous visitors over the years have included Martin Luther King Jr., Sammy Davis Jr., Judy Garland and Lucille Ball.

One of Gulfstream Boat Club’s licensed captains will take you and up to five guests on our 40-foot Intrepid or 35-foot Contender.

Both boats have large tops for shade and plenty of seating. On a flat day, the boat trip from one of GBC’s four locations takes about 1 1/2 hours.

Bimini is a deep sea fishing paradise; tuna, snapper, and wahoo are some of the prized fish you’ll be bringing home.

Feel like goofing off?

Cool down with some snorkeling or swimming in the warm waters.

Resorts World Bimini View from Pool
Resorts World Bimini is GBC’s favorite place to stay; it features three pools, a full marina, and more.

Resorts World Bimini

While you can get there and back in one (long) day, GBC recommends spending at least one night on Bimini.

There are some big-name luxury resorts like the Bimini Bay Resort and the Bimini Big Game Club, but we at GBC keep coming back to Resorts World Bimini (It was featured on “The Bachelor,” so it must be good!).

It’s got every amenity in the book (luxury rooms, three pools, full-service spa, sushi bar, huge marina—and a casino!), but it’s low-key and not overly commercial.

South of Bimini there are many cays and islands, most uninhabited and perfect for snorkeling, a picnic on the beach, or viewing the wildlife.

Here are two don’t-miss spots to explore:

The Sapona Shipwreck is a favorite diving spot for visitors to Bimini.
The Sapona Shipwreck is a favorite diving spot for visitors to Bimini.

Sapona Shipwreck Diving

No visit to Bimini is complete without diving or snorkeling at the Sapona shipwreck.

The 270-foot Sapona was built by Henry Ford in 1911, and served as a troop transport for just one trip in World War I before the war ended; many say the Sapona was then used by rumrunners between the Bahamas and Florida during Prohibition.

A hurricane in the late 1920s drove the ship aground between South Bimini and Cat Cay.

The partially submerged ship is a great spot even for beginning divers or snorkelers, and you’ll see trigger fish, grunts, and large lobsters.

There is no mooring buoy, and there can be shallow breakers and odd currents, so you’ll be glad to be visiting with one of GBC’s fully licensed captains.

Honeymoon Harbor

Honeymoon Harbor is a small anchorage on the north end of Gun Cay.

This is a favorite stop for GBC boaters looking for an afternoon of sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling.

If you snorkel in the harbor, expect to see stingrays, colorful starfish, conch, and even a nurse shark or two.

There are also a few sandy beaches perfect for relaxing, exploring, or feeding the stingrays.

Knock “fishing trip to Bimini” off your bucket list: call Gulfstream Boat Club today at (561) 865-7797 to plan your adventure!


GBC has the fastest-growing fleet of cruising and fishing boats in South Florida. our reputation for excellent service and safety is second to none. Wheter you are planning a sunset cruise, ocean fishing, or a family water skiing trip on the intracoastal, GBC makes it simple and easy.

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