10 Tips for Partying on a Boat: How to Throw the Perfect Party

Have you ever partied on a boat? Ready to throw your own boat bash?

If you answered yes, here are some amazing tips on how to throw the perfect party.

The club parties can become ordinary after a few visits because the scenes are the same, the dance, waitresses, and procedures. Doing something different once in a while can be thrilling and may even provide a better experience and a longer-lasting memory.

The difference in the scenery while partying on a boat can be captivating and exotic for those who love the music as well as the ocean.

For the best experience, follow these tips below.

1. Generate Your Guest List

The first thing on your list should be planning. You need to decide how many people will be invited. This will help to choose the size of the boat, the number of drinks and snacks to provide, and the arrangements for transporting your guests.

Having an idea of the number of persons that will be attending will help you to arrange the space accordingly. Also, it is important to book the boat in advance especially if it is summer because boats get booked quickly during this time.

2. Select a Date and Time.

Schedule an appropriate and convenient date and time for everyone. You don’t want guests missing out because they can’t make the date that you arranged. Ensure that all guests are comfortable and have set aside that day in their calendar for your event.

3. Choose the right type of boat for your party.

GBC offers a big variety of boats to choose from. Bare in mind, not all boats are made equal and their use may vary based on many factors.

  1. Pontoon: Our personal favorite for boating parties. With aluminum tubes supporting the flat broad platform and because of their shallow drafts this boat is extremely steady.
  2. Center Console: Their helm is on a console (you guessed right) at the center of the boat. Great for anglers allowing walk around while fishing.
  3. Dual Console: These boats come with 2 consoles and 2 windshields with a space in between them to access different places of the boat.
  4. Deck Boat: Great for activities that include swimming and water sports. They have plenty of seating making it the favorite among many families.
  5. Deck with Cabin: In need of some privacy? a small cabin area for seating and or storage is available with these boats.

As part of our fleet we offer a 24-foot pontoon boat rental docked at our Hypoluxo Fl, 33462 location. It accommodates up to 12 passengers and you are not required to use a captain.

Call us at 561.865.7797 to reserve.

4. Select a Theme for Your Party

You should decide on a theme for the party to make it more interesting. For example a Christmas party theme, beach theme or a winter theme. This will allow your guest to be dressed accordingly to match with the decorations you may have for the interior of the boat.

Having a theme will give your party that edge, make it memorable, and have it looking spotless. Using the right decorations will bring your party to life and will have your guests talking about it.

5. Other Different Activities

Give your guests options for boat party activities. Be flexible instead of having ordinary proceedings and strict itinerary. Incorporate a lot of games and different activities so that everyone can participate. This will make them more interactive which could leave them talking about the party even when it has ended.

Incorporating dance sessions is totally possible in a steady pontoon boat and is a good way of getting everyone on the happy mood. It is however, not your only option. Try offering fishing, tubing, snorkeling and floater options.

6. First Impression While Partying on a boat

Ask yourself, how does this look, how does this feel? If you don’t get excited when you think of the answers then maybe you want to do something a little different that will leave a lasting impression. First impression is essential and you want to ensure that your entire guests are amazed once they are at the party.

Create an environment that is comfortable yet full of excitement and entertainment. You want to make it super easy for your guest to have access to the party and you can do this by using signs informing them of how to get in.

7. Provide Great Food and Music

One of the most important elements of a party is the refreshments. Your guest wants to know that they have food and drinks in their hands while they party. Snacks can include chips, sandwiches, or even candy, as long as it is nearby and accessible.

Having great music is a good way to keep the vibe going and keep the guest entertained. No one wants to listen to sad and boring songs, play something that will have them partying all day under the sun, for example some hit songs.

8. Remember the Names of Your Guests.

Although this seems trivial, never forget the names of your guests. For example, a guest shows up at your party, and a couple of weeks later, you meet them in public. Remembering who that person was could help to build a relationship with them.

Doing so will encourage them to attend more of your parties in the future. One way of remembering their names is to repeat it to them when they tell you what it is or even try to rhyme it with something.

9. Be The Best Host

As the host, you are the life of the party; all eyes will be on you. Ensure that you maintain a positive vibe as your guest will feed off your energy. Do small introductions for guests who are unfamiliar with other guests, shake the hands of those you know and don’t know and those who you know as well.

Be open and affectionate to everyone that is in your space, and if needs be, ensure that you attend to their needs as the party will be a representation of you. Remember to be alert and never stop the fun.

10. Give your Guests Treats

Who doesn’t love a free gift? If it is within your budget, it would be great if your guests can be treated with goodie bags. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, but something to say thanks for coming to this party and I hope you will remember all the fun you had.

Another way of treating your guests is to turn some activities into competitions. If your boat has an outdoor space, you can use that to accommodate your games and get everyone to participate for a reward at the end.

A Final Point to Note

Figure out what kind of event it will be. While partying on a boat, you want to ensure that the setting is absolutely perfect. For example, it could be a birthday party or even a private party.

With all this in mind, go ahead and start your planning!

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