Center Console Boats Explained

Center console boats are a very popular choice for members and renters at Gulfstream Boat Club. We have center console boats in a variety of lengths. Interested in a fishing charter, sunset cruise, or other excursion on the Intracoastal? A center console boat is a perfect choice for all of the above. Let’s learn more about this versatile crossover boat, with plenty of room for friends and power for whatever outing you have in mind.

Center Console Boat in the water
Check out this center console beauty; this model is coming to GBC in 2019!

And GBC will feature ALL NEW center console boats from Key West Boats in 2019!

What are Center Console Boats?

Well, the name says it all! A center console boat is a type of single-decked, open-hull boat in which the console is in the center of the boat. (The console of a boat is where all the controls are located, including steering, ignition, depth finder and other electronic devices, stereo, etc.) Our larger center console boats feature a cabin underneath. The boat deck surrounds the console and allows you to walk all around the boat—or work a catch all around the boat, if you’re fishing! Center console boats are powered by outboard motors.

Center Console Boats Dash
The center console creates a very versatile boat.

What Activities are Center Console Boats Good For?

These versatile boats are great for fishing. Depending on their size, GBC’s  console boats offer comfortable seating for eight people or more and an open layout, so they’re perfect for sightseeing or a cruise to Peanut Island. Our larger center console boats have large cabins and a porta-potty for longer cruises and family days on the water.

Center Console Boats cruising
Whether you’re fishing or cruising, you and your family and friends will enjoy the ride.

How Do I Rent a Center Console Boat?

Gulfstream Boat Club has three convenient locations in Palm Beach County. We’re open seven days a week, and offer annual memberships, hourly memberships, corporate memberships, and rentals. Ready to plan an outing on one of GBC’s all-new center console boats? It’s a busy season, so book now. Give us a call at 561.865.7797 and we’ll get you started!

Bahamas Boat Charter: 3 Important Questions and Answers

Visit Sapona Shipwreck on your next Bahamas Boat Charter
We don’t skimp on Staff Appreciation Day at GBC.

Here at GBC, Staff Appreciation Day isn’t just celebrated at a restaurant or sports bar. We just got back from a Bahamas boat charter on our 40-foot Intrepid! Two days of fishing, swimming with stingrays, eating fresh fish, and some golf cart hijinks…

Before you get too jealous, remember that we can organize the same for you and your family, friends, or staff:

Find out how to make a charter to the Bahamas from Florida an easy and enjoyable trip.

Boat Charter to Bimini
You can cruise to Bimini on our 40-foot Intrepid in just a few hours.

What’s the best time of year for a Bahamas boat charter?

Really, anytime works. It depends on what you want to fish for. We went in September: mahi season. After leaving GBC’s location at the Palm Beach Yacht Center around 7am on a Tuesday, we arrived in Bimini at the Hilton at Resorts World Bimini around 10am, a luxurious 750-acre marina, hotel, and casino.

Bimini is only 50 miles from Miami, but it’s a world away: this westernmost island of the Bahamas features unspoiled blue waters and white sand beaches, marine life, even a shipwreck. Bimini is also known as the “Sport Fishing Capital of the World.”

Where to stay in Bimini?

After unloading our supplies at our Resorts World villa (the perfect landing for a family or group Bahamas boat charter), we went out and fished for mahi and wahoo. Later Alex took us on a quick cruise out to the Sapona Shipwreck, a concrete-hulled cargo steamer that ran aground near Bimini during a hurricane in 1926. It’s a great spot for swimming, snorkeling, and jumping off the wreck.

We cooled off in the pool, showered, and headed to the Resorts World casino for some burgers and gambling. (A Bahamas fishing charter doesn’t have to be all boating, all the time!) After dinner, we fished off the dock, and took the villa’s golf carts for a spin ‘til the wee hours.

Catch some dolphin in your next Bahamas Boat Charter
Mahi were caught—and cooked, back at our villa!

How’s the fishing in the Bahamas?

The alarms went off at 6:30am; early, yes, but no one wanted to miss out on another full Bimini day. We trolled and caught some more dolphin until the late morning, then went snorkeling. After stopping at the restaurant at Cat Cay Yacht Club for lunch, we headed to another one of Bimini’s landmarks: Honeymoon Harbor. We swam with nurse sharks and stingrays—dozens of them. Once we turned off the Intrepid’s motors, they swarmed the boat, making it an unforgettable stop.

On your Bahamas Boat Charter, do not forget to swim with rays
Swimming with nurse sharks and stingrays at Honeymoon Harbor.

Back at the villa, we barbequed our fresh fish and steaks for dinner, and celebrated Staff Appreciation Day GBC-style. After some night-time fishing and swimming off the docks, we turned in early.

Family weekend to Bahamas with a Bahamas Boat Charter
Treat your family, friends, or even your staff to a Bahamas boating weekend!

On Thursday morning, we were out the door and back on the Intrepid by 7:30am. We arrived back in Delray before noon, feeling fully “appreciated.”

Ready to plan your own Bahamas boat charter? Among other things, our close proximity to the Bahamas and our spectacular 40-foot Intrepid make Gulfstream Boat Club a truly unique boat club. Bimini is a colorful, warm, exceptionally fun vacation spot. Call us at 561.865.7797 and we’ll get you there!

Cost of Owning a Boat?

How much does it cost to own a boat?

It’s important to remember that the purchase price of a boat is just the beginning of the cost commitment! Here are some annual costs to consider when thinking a buying a boat:

Boat Trailer Cost:

You’ll need a trailer to transport and store the boat (and be prepared for hurricanes!). A trailer can range in price from $1,500 to more than $5,000. A trailer will need basic upkeep as well; tires, brakes, and general maintenance, plus monthly storage fees if you can’t keep it on your property when your boat’s in the water.

Boat Insurance Average Cost:

You’ll need at least liability coverage, and likely damage coverage, especially for a new boat, in case of accident or theft. Boat insurance can range from $1,000 to $5,000 per year.

Florida Boating License:

Florida law requires anyone who was born on or after January 1, 1988, to successfully complete an approved boating safety course and obtain a Boating Safety Education Identification Card issued by the Florida Wildlife Commission. Boating safety courses are not especially expensive, but anyone who might drive your boat will have to make the commitment of time for the class.

Boat Storage options:

You will need a cover, a top, or maybe inside storage if you can’t keep the boat at your home or on your property. For outside storage, boats are typically shrinkwrapped at a cost of roughly $10-15 per foot, so a 21-foot boat might cost $200-300 to cover. Inside rack storage costs more, as the boat is better protected from the elements. Figure on roughly $25-$30/foot for inside storage, so that 21-footer would cost about $600 per month.

Boat Safety Equipment and accessories:

You’ll not only need safety gear (life vests, horn, signal flares, etc.), but you’ll most likely want a stereo, lighting, watersports towing equipment, etc., to fully enjoy your boat. The South Florida sun is as strong as it gets and its effects are magnified when out on the water. You should thinking about wearing not only sunscreen but hats, sunglasses, and sun-protective clothing.

Boat Maintenance Costs:

Much like a car, a boat requires a lot of regular maintenance. Like a car, you have cleaning, oil changes, and engine maintenance costs—but then add hull maintenance, storage, and haul-out (if not keeping in the water year-round). Costs for these services can vary widely, based on the boat size, fresh water or salt water, if the boat is new or used, etc.

Boat Marina:

If you keep the boat at a marina, you will incur monthly costs, and they’re high in South Florida. In-water dock space can range from $1,000 to more than $5,000 per season.

Saltwater wear and tear:

If you’re planning on taking your boat out for some deep-sea fishing, not just cruising the Intracoastal, keep in mind that salt water is definitely harsher on a boat and engine than freshwater.

How much does it cost to own a boat?

Do you really need to own a boat?

Have you researched the cost of owning a boat yourself? When we explain the benefits of of Gulfstream Boat Club to a potential new member, they very often ask, “Why would anyone own a boat?” We at Gulfstream Boat Club agree! Many of our members are former powerboat or yacht owners who don’t want the expense and hassle of owning their own boat anymore. On the other hand, many of our members are interested in eventually owning a boat, or learning more about the boating lifestyle, and a boat club is a great way to try it out.

cost of owning a boat for the family
This could be you! Fishing on the weekends—free of the hassle of boat ownership.

Image: Trees Full of Money

Why commit to one kind of boating experience when you can enjoy several?

When you purchase a boat, you have to decide on one kind of experience on the water. You might want a great fishing boat. Or maybe a cruiser for trips down the Intracoastal. Perhaps you are in the market for a pontoon boat for larger family parties and outings. But what if you want to experience all of these outings? The question is, Why choose just one kind of boat? At Gulfstream Boat Club, we have a wide variety of boats, which allows you as a member to go deep-sea fishing one weekend and take your kids tubing the next. Then, on Mother’s Day, you can take everyone on a cruise to a dockside lunch. You can’t beat the flexibility of having access to several kinds of boats!

Why settle for one boat when you can have a whole fleet?

As a Gulfstream Boat Club member, you’ll have access to more than twenty boats, in many sizes and models, seven days a week. That means that with one purchase you can have a variety of experiences. One of our experienced captains can take you and your friends on a fishing excursion. We supply the fishing gear if you need it. Or a captain can take you out on the Intracoastal for a cruise to brunch at a dockside restaurant—perfect for Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, or other holidays which require keeping lots of family members happy and busy! Ask yourself: What is the cost of owning a boat—plus another five or six?

Or, if you are comfortable at the helm, take out one of our center console, dual console, deck, or pontoon boats yourself. Gulfstream Boat Club can recommend outings both south and north of our Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, and Hypoluxo locations. How about a trip to Peanut Island, where you can dock, tour the island, or just take a swim? Or motor south to Lake Boca, where there’s plenty to do and see. Each member of GBC receives their own custom-designed map of the area, which highlights boating and fishing sites you won’t want to miss.

Cost of owning a boat = commitment of time and money

Owning a boat is a huge commitment of time and money, especially for a busy family. Kids’ activities might make it difficult to use your own boat every weekend. Gulfstream Boat Club makes it easy to enjoy a boat when it’s convenient for you. All of our boats are expertly maintained, and have life jackets, stereos, depth finders, and up-to-date electronics. No need to stop for fuel—we’ll fill ‘er up. And we have an online reservation system that allows you to book boats anytime.

cost of owning a boat: huge time investment
A GBC membership allows you to teach your kids a love of boating!

Share the decision to not own a boat—and share the fun!

And why not consider combining business with pleasure? GBC offers a corporate membership perfect for business partners to share. If you’re a real estate agent, take clients new to the area for a nice cruise on the Intracoastal, and get ready to sell that house. GBC’s larger boats could host a work event of up to ten or twelve people. Forget that boring business dinner and let us help you plan a memorable evening out on the water!

cost of owning a boat: Corporate Boat Memberships
Rev up that bachelorette party or other event by taking it out on the water!

When you learn the cost of owning a boat, the idea becomes daunting and can be a deal-breaker for many people who would like to enjoy boating or fishing in South Florida. That’s why Gulfstream Boat Club is such a great concept. Being a boat club member is flexible, affordable, safe, and enjoyable. Leave the maintenance and other hassles of boating to us, and focus on the good parts!

Call GBC at 561.865.7797. Then you’re one step closer to having not just one boat to use on the weekend, but an entire fleet!

What Powerboat Rental are you?

As a South Florida boat club, with easy access to both the Intracoastal and the Atlantic Ocean, Gulfstream Boat Club is all about the powerboats and it’s the place to go for your perfect powerboat rental match-up. And why own a boat, when you can have your pick of several boats, seven days a week?

GBC has the fastest-growing fleet of cruising and fishing boats in South Florida. Our boat club has a reputation for excellent service and safety that is second to none. Whether you are planning a sunset cruise, ocean fishing, or a family outing on the Intracoastal, GBC makes it simple and easy providing the perfect powerboat rental for your trip.

Here’s a little introduction to powerboats taken from Wikipedia. In essence, all powerboats have a bow (front) and a stern (back). All have hulls (the bottom of the boat) and all have a topsides (everything from the hull up). There are many types of powerboat rentals, but GBC has four types in its fleet:

Powerboat Rental: Center Console Boat
The open hull of a center console boat allows fishermen to walk from bow to stern without having to navigate around the console.

Center Console Boat

Center console boats range from 13 to 45 feet. The name says it all: the helm is on a console in the center of the boat. As a South Florida boat club, of course fishing is a priority for our members, and the open hull of a center console boat allows fishermen to walk from bow to stern without having to navigate around the console. The larger-size center console boats are suited for offshore fishing.

GBC’s center console boats range from 22 to 35 feet, and feature T-top for shade and comfortable seating. They’re a very popular and versatile choice!

Powerboat Rental: Center Deck Boat
Deck boats feature an open deck with plenty of seating for family and friends.

Deck Boat

Deck boats have a wide beam and feature a V-shaped hull, which offers more performance than a pontoon boat. South Florida boat clubs need a good selection of party boats, and deck boats feature an open deck with plenty of seating for family and friends. You can swim off the side of a deck boat and easily get back on. They are outboard or stern drive powered and can be aluminum or fiberglass. These boat are about 25–35 feet long.

GBC’s deck boats range from 21 to 27 feet, and feature stereos, depth finder and electronics. They offer Bimini tops with ample shade, and a great seating layout for comfort cruising. Perfect for a leisurely family cruise!

Powerboat Rental: Dual Console Boat
GBC’s dual console boats offer a great seating layout for comfort cruising.

Dual Console Boat

Dual console boats have two dashboards and windshields that are separated by a walk-through which allows access to a forward cockpit or seating area. Lengths can run from 16 to 30 feet.

GBC’s dual console boats are 25 feet, and feature a large custom top for shade with rod holders, Bluetooth stereo, GPS/fish finder combo, and a great seating layout for comfort cruising.

Pontoon Boat

GBC’s pontoon boats are the newest in our fleet, and these “party platforms” are perfect for a South Florida boat club cruise. Pontoon boats have two or three aluminum tubes that support a broad platform. They have shallow drafts and are very stable. Lengths can range from 15–30 feet.

GBC’s two pontoon boats are 24 feet, and can host up to 12 comfortably. No captain necessary. Now in huge demand for Lake Boca Weekend plans, take out the family and friends on one of these mobile party venues!

Your South Florida boat club adventure awaits. GBC’s got the best selection of powerboats around, and they’re  expertly maintained and available seven days a week. Our captains know these waters better than anyone. Labor Day is this weekend. Give us a call at 561.865.7797 to plan a holiday cruise or fishing trip today!

Intrepid Boats available at GBC

Where to rent Intrepid Boats?

Gulfstream Boat Club prides itself on having the finest fleet of boats available in South Florida, and that’s why we partner with Intrepid Boats so often. Intrepid Boats makes its boats one at a time and to the discerning specifications of its customers. Their boats feature advanced composite construction, which makes them stronger and stiffer, faster and more fuel-efficient, and able to deliver the safest, smoothest, driest ride on the water.

GBC’s 32′ Intrepid is great for fishing or cruising.

With Intrepid Boats’ incomparable fishboat heritage, no fish is safe. Their sports fishing yachts not only are equipped with plenty of innovation and technology, but their unique hull design offers a smooth ride and extraordinary stability to propel you to the fish fast and comfortably. The outboard engines deliver better range for longer offshore fishing trips, with less noise, fumes and vibrations, especially while trolling around the waters of Palm Beach County.

Are Intrepid Boats Safe?

You think Gulfstream Boat Club is a tough customer? Intrepid Boats builds boats for federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, sheriff departments, police departments and departments of natural resources across the country. If their boats are safe, fast, and precise enough for them, they’re good enough for our boat club members!

Why are Intrepid Boats so popular?

Thanks to Intrepid Boats’ distinct stepped hull design, the CG (center of gravity) is positioned perfectly, producing an extraordinarily well-balanced ride. The boat takes off level and actually feels like you’re levitating onto plane. Waves are flattened, at any angle, with very little jolt transmitted. This makes for a smooth, dry ride, no lag and a noise factor that is really not a factor at all. The ride is quiet, allowing for normal conversation with an extra measure of comfort and pleasure for all aboard, which makes their boats perfect for outings with family and friends.

Intrepid Boats offer the smoothest ride possible.

What are some popular Intrepid Boats Sizes?

Currently Gulfstream Boat Club features two 32-foot and one 40-foot Intrepid for the exclusive use of members and renters. Here are the unique features of each:

32′ Intrepid Center Console with Cabin

  • Twin 250HP Yamaha engines
  • Rigged for fishing or cruising
  • Great seating layout and cabin with porto-potty
  • T-top with shade
  • Electronics, Stereo, I-pod input, depth finder
  • Dive door, live well
GBC’s 40′ Intrepid is our most luxurious boat available.


  • Triple Mercury Verado 300 engines
  • Incredible boat perfect for luxury cruising, overnight trips, or serious offshore fishing
  • Large cabin with a/c, flat screen tv, kitchenette, queen bed and more
  • Great seating layout, bow cushion, rear bench
  • This is the ultimate boat in the 40-foot class
The 40′ Intrepid features generous seating and is perfect for overnight trips.

Why own a boat? Gulfstream Boat Club not only features the best boats on the water—but we dock, maintain, and outfit them for you, seven days a week! Our customers are happy and satisfied knowing they have their choice of the finest custom crafted boats made by brands like Intrepid, with none of the headaches of boat ownership.

Want to try out an Intrepid Boat for yourself? Give us a call at 561.865.7797 to plan your next boating adventure!