The Fish Are Biting Today: 6 of the Best Places to Fish in Florida

The Sunshine State has enough fishing to keep you going all season. As one of the premier spots for fishing in the entire world, Florida has no shortage of rivers, lakes, and inlets for you to cast into. If you’re making the trek to the southeast, you might even find that you’ve got too many choices between all the best places to fish in Florida.

Well, that’s what we’re here today to help you with. In this post, we’re going to talk about the best places to fish in Florida. We’ll go over five breathtaking destinations and tell you why you should spend your time there.

Of course, there’s an abundance of great fishing here, so you can’t go wrong. Allow us to point you in the right direction so your next fishing trip can be one to remember.

1. Lake Okeechobee

Lake Okeechobee is the largest lake in Florida. At a whopping 730 square miles, you could get lost on this thing for days without scratching the surface. It also happens to be one of the best lakes for bass fishing in the state, and likely the entire country.

The lake itself is calm and serene, perfect for taking a boat out on. Or, if you’re more inclined to stay onshore, you’ve also got some of the best shoreline fishing in Florida available to you. Our recommendation is to partake in a healthy mixture of on and offshore bass fishing.

There are several lakeside resorts and campsites all around, so you can really make a weekend of it. If you need to charter a boat, there are options that suit any price range. Okeechobee is a regular feature of major bass fishing tournaments, so you won’t be short on amenities here.

2. Destin

You can’t make a list of Florida’s best fishing spots without including Destin. As its name implies, Destin is the primo destination for red snapper, kingfish, amberjack, and cobia in the world. The 1,000s of visiting anglers per year have turned this coastal fishing town into something to behold and the home of the Destin Fishing Rodeo.

Perfectly situated beside both the Gulf of Mexico and the East Pass, Destin is great for both offshore and inshore fishing. Along the offshore seabed, there are 400 different waypoints with artificial reefs that will give you an amazing yield. The further out you go, the more varied your potential catches will be.

Inshore, you’ve got some really great spots for kayak and surf fishing. You don’t have to head deep into the Gulf to find redfish, speckled trout, flounder, black drum, and seasonal fish like Spanish mackerel and pompano.

Destin is one of the best spots for well-rounded anglers that want a little bit of everything.

3. Marco Island

For a truly breathtaking backdrop, a visit to Marco Island off of Florida’s southwest coast is going to be in order. You’ll see schools of redfish, speckled trout, and ladyfish out on the wave-laden waters of the Gulf. There’s great deep-sea fishing, where you might haul in tuna, mahi-mahi, or wahoo.

The island is full of affordable charters to take you out on the water and once you’re tired out from the deep-sea stuff, head inland to do some light tackle and fly fishing.

Marco Island has a lot of perks, the main one being that there’s no hustle and bustle like you’d find in Key West or Destin. It’s just you, the scenery, and the fish.

4. Tampa

Let’s leave south Florida for a moment and head up to Tampa. The northern part of Florida doesn’t always get as much pop as the south, especially when it comes to world-class fishing, but in fact, Tampa has just that. It’s a popular spot among anglers that are looking for some great inshore fishing.

You’ll find loads of redfish, black drum, and spotted seatrout along the coastline, but that’s just the beginning. The waters around Tampa are rife with fly fishing opportunities and tarpon that literally jump out of the water.

Inland fishing is what most anglers go towards in Tampa, but if you’re around for multiple days, it’s worth exploring offshore as well. You’ll find an array of fish (king mackerel, mahi-mahi, snapper) if you spend enough time out on the water.

Something great about Tampa is that it’s also one of America’s up-and-coming cities. You’ll find loads of great restaurants, bars, shows, and sporting events happening year-round, so there’ll never be a dull moment.

5. Stuart

Stuart is actually known as the “sailfish capital of the world”, but it’s also teeming with snook. Not only is this a great place to catch a wide variety of fish, but it’s also a picturesque destination that offers a lot in the way of nature and walking trails. 

Since it’s located so close to the gulf stream (only 10 miles), you can take a charter for a full or half-day and encounter some big-time fish. If you go out far enough, you’ll find wahoo, sailfish, and mahi-mahi, in abundance. A full-day excursion might get you up close and personal with some blue marlin, yellow tuna, and billfish.

There are lots of options for inland fishing as well. Of course, you could take a trip to “sailfish alley”, where you might land 10 sailfish in a single outing (with a good charter). Other spots, like the Indian River Lagoon, St. Lucie, and Sewall Point, will have lots of bonefish, tarpon, snook, trout, and flounder, among others.

Just A Few Of The Best Places To Fish In Florida

These are just a few of the best places to fish in Florida to get you started. As soon as you dig in a little further, you’ll find dozens more that sound just as enticing.

What’s for sure is that you can’t go wrong with any of these as your next fishing destination. All of them are fruitful, beautiful, and have a huge variety of fish, great charters, and even better scenery. Florida really is one of the best places in the world to be an angler.

Gulf Stream Boat Club has one of the fastest-growing fleets of fishing boats in South Florida. Register with us today and start planning your next fishing trip.

10 Tips for Partying on a Boat: How to Throw the Perfect Party

Have you ever partied on a boat? Ready to throw your own boat bash?

If you answered yes, here are some amazing tips on how to throw the perfect party.

The club parties can become ordinary after a few visits because the scenes are the same, the dance, waitresses, and procedures. Doing something different once in a while can be thrilling and may even provide a better experience and a longer-lasting memory.

The difference in the scenery while partying on a boat can be captivating and exotic for those who love the music as well as the ocean.

For the best experience, follow these tips below.

1. Generate Your Guest List

The first thing on your list should be planning. You need to decide how many people will be invited. This will help to choose the size of the boat, the number of drinks and snacks to provide, and the arrangements for transporting your guests.

Having an idea of the number of persons that will be attending will help you to arrange the space accordingly. Also, it is important to book the boat in advance especially if it is summer because boats get booked quickly during this time.

2. Select a Date and Time.

Schedule an appropriate and convenient date and time for everyone. You don’t want guests missing out because they can’t make the date that you arranged. Ensure that all guests are comfortable and have set aside that day in their calendar for your event.

3. Choose the right type of boat for your party.

GBC offers a big variety of boats to choose from. Bare in mind, not all boats are made equal and their use may vary based on many factors.

  1. Pontoon: Our personal favorite for boating parties. With aluminum tubes supporting the flat broad platform and because of their shallow drafts this boat is extremely steady.
  2. Center Console: Their helm is on a console (you guessed right) at the center of the boat. Great for anglers allowing walk around while fishing.
  3. Dual Console: These boats come with 2 consoles and 2 windshields with a space in between them to access different places of the boat.
  4. Deck Boat: Great for activities that include swimming and water sports. They have plenty of seating making it the favorite among many families.
  5. Deck with Cabin: In need of some privacy? a small cabin area for seating and or storage is available with these boats.

As part of our fleet we offer a 24-foot pontoon boat rental docked at our Hypoluxo Fl, 33462 location. It accommodates up to 12 passengers and you are not required to use a captain.

Call us at 561.865.7797 to reserve.

4. Select a Theme for Your Party

You should decide on a theme for the party to make it more interesting. For example a Christmas party theme, beach theme or a winter theme. This will allow your guest to be dressed accordingly to match with the decorations you may have for the interior of the boat.

Having a theme will give your party that edge, make it memorable, and have it looking spotless. Using the right decorations will bring your party to life and will have your guests talking about it.

5. Other Different Activities

Give your guests options for boat party activities. Be flexible instead of having ordinary proceedings and strict itinerary. Incorporate a lot of games and different activities so that everyone can participate. This will make them more interactive which could leave them talking about the party even when it has ended.

Incorporating dance sessions is totally possible in a steady pontoon boat and is a good way of getting everyone on the happy mood. It is however, not your only option. Try offering fishing, tubing, snorkeling and floater options.

6. First Impression While Partying on a boat

Ask yourself, how does this look, how does this feel? If you don’t get excited when you think of the answers then maybe you want to do something a little different that will leave a lasting impression. First impression is essential and you want to ensure that your entire guests are amazed once they are at the party.

Create an environment that is comfortable yet full of excitement and entertainment. You want to make it super easy for your guest to have access to the party and you can do this by using signs informing them of how to get in.

7. Provide Great Food and Music

One of the most important elements of a party is the refreshments. Your guest wants to know that they have food and drinks in their hands while they party. Snacks can include chips, sandwiches, or even candy, as long as it is nearby and accessible.

Having great music is a good way to keep the vibe going and keep the guest entertained. No one wants to listen to sad and boring songs, play something that will have them partying all day under the sun, for example some hit songs.

8. Remember the Names of Your Guests.

Although this seems trivial, never forget the names of your guests. For example, a guest shows up at your party, and a couple of weeks later, you meet them in public. Remembering who that person was could help to build a relationship with them.

Doing so will encourage them to attend more of your parties in the future. One way of remembering their names is to repeat it to them when they tell you what it is or even try to rhyme it with something.

9. Be The Best Host

As the host, you are the life of the party; all eyes will be on you. Ensure that you maintain a positive vibe as your guest will feed off your energy. Do small introductions for guests who are unfamiliar with other guests, shake the hands of those you know and don’t know and those who you know as well.

Be open and affectionate to everyone that is in your space, and if needs be, ensure that you attend to their needs as the party will be a representation of you. Remember to be alert and never stop the fun.

10. Give your Guests Treats

Who doesn’t love a free gift? If it is within your budget, it would be great if your guests can be treated with goodie bags. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, but something to say thanks for coming to this party and I hope you will remember all the fun you had.

Another way of treating your guests is to turn some activities into competitions. If your boat has an outdoor space, you can use that to accommodate your games and get everyone to participate for a reward at the end.

A Final Point to Note

Figure out what kind of event it will be. While partying on a boat, you want to ensure that the setting is absolutely perfect. For example, it could be a birthday party or even a private party.

With all this in mind, go ahead and start your planning!

The Top Boat Activities to Try With Your Family

There are over 11.85 million registered recreational boats in the United States. With that amount of boats in the water, there must be some fun that you don’t know about when it comes to boat activities. 

If you are a first-time boater, a boating enthusiast, or a prospective boater, there’s a lot of boat activities for you to try in the water with your family. 

Check out this list of top family-friendly boating adventures this season. 


Driving the boat is half the fun when you turn it up to top speed. The other half can be enjoyed with an inflatable tube tied to the back of the boat. 

Your kids will love the thrill of soaring over the ocean’s waves as you make daring doughnuts. It can also be enjoyed by the adults, just make sure someone responsible is behind the wheel. 

Boat Sleepover 

If you have ever been camping then you know the peaceful feeling of sleeping under the stars. Take camping to the next level by sleeping on your boat. 

Whether you have a cabin or just a deck, you can unfold your sleeping bags, when the weather permits, to sleep under the stars. Or pitch a tent to shield yourself from the chill of the night or a raining evening. 

Be sure to put down your anchor so you don’t drift out to sea. 

Raft Picnicking

Boating fun can also mean staying in one spot. Find a shaded area under a tree or a sandbar to have a picnic with the family. 

You can use a raft to have a picnic or as transportation to your shaded paradise.

Bring a cooler for soft drinks or juice and nonperishable snacks that are easy to assemble.  Add some board games or a ball to toss around for some fun after you eat. 

Fishing and Crabbing

If this is your first time out on the water and you want to catch some dinner then you can use a boat guide. 

Taking a charter boat for deep-sea fishing is perfect for older kids.

If you have smaller children then you might want to rent your own boat to go fishing. This will give you a more flexible schedule and room for the little ones to run around.

Either way, you can hire a guide to help you with baiting, navigating, catching, and maybe even filleting your dinner. 

Crabbing is another fun way to introduce children to the water. You can give kids a string with some bait wrapped around the end. When your child sees a crab on the line tell them to call you. Then scoop the crab up with a net. 

Be sure to follow the fishing regulations about what to keep and what to let go. You will also need a fishing license for everyone who will be participating. 

Scuba Diving or Snorkeling

The surface of the water is just one part to be explored. Take your boating fun under the surface by diving into it. 

To scuba dive, you will need to be certified and at least 12 years old. So this activity will work for older children.

You will also need gear like masks, flippers, oxygen tanks, and wet suits. So, unless you are investing in a new hobby, registering for a scuba excursion is the most economical option. 

Snorkeling requires a mask, flippers, and a life vest. It also does not require certification. Younger children can also participate. 

You will see less of the ocean by snorkeling rather than scuba diving, but it is cheaper and safer. Plus, you can do this activity from your own vessel. 

Learn to Sail

Before you buy your own boat you might want to learn boating skills like sailing. Register for a group class with your family.

You will learn basic boating terminology that will apply to any type of boat. Tying knots and navigation skills will also be included in your training. 

Sailing is an excellent way to appreciate the water as you rely on the current and the wind. It’s the natural way to learn boating essentials that could be helpful if you are left in a difficult situation while on the water. 

Constellation Gazing and Navigation

Before GPS systems and even compasses, sailors and voyagers used the night sky to find their way through the depths of the sea. 

Learning the constellations to navigate is a fun and useful skill to teach your children. They can use their knowledge while camping if they ever get lost or impress their friends with astronomical trivia. 

Being out on the boat at night creates the perfect environment for stargazing as well. Light pollution doesn’t obstruct the natural splendor of the stars so you will see more of the sky than you ever have before.  

Firework Display

As a first-time boat owner, you can take your boat out for a test drive to see fireworks during the holidays like the Fourth of July. 

You are usually close to the shore so you won’t have to drive far out into the ocean. You will also have plenty of neighbors in case you need assistance or want to make some friends. 

Staying Safe with Boat Activities

No matter what type of boat activities you choose to enjoy on the water it is important to stay safe. Remember to always use life vests and teach your children the safety guidelines. 

Visit our blog on boating safety before you venture out onto the water. 

Fishing Boat Rentals: Summer Fishing Fever

How reliable are fishing boat rentals in Florida in the summer?

Late summer in Florida is still, quiet, and—yes—HOT. But keep it a secret that it’s one of the best times of year for a fishing boat rental in Florida. July and August are great months for drift fishing, a boat fishing technique in which you allow the boat to move with the wind and current over an area in which an abundance of fish is likely. It allows you to cover a lot of ground, but the sea conditions have to be good.

How do I reserve a fishing boat rental?

In a GBC fishing boat rental this time of year, off the Florida Southeastern coast you might catch bonito, wahoo, snapper, or mahi. Simply log onto the GBC app to reserve a fishing boat at our Delray Beach or Lantana locations. Or give us a call at 561.865.7797—we’re open seven days a week.

Group of friends on Fishing Trip
The GBC team enjoyed a fishing trip on the quiet waters of Florida and the Bahamas.

How many friends can I take on a fishing boat?

We have fishing boats from 21 to 35 feet. For example, our 2019 26-foot Billistic seats 10 people, has twin Yamaha engines, a T-top with outriggers, and Bluetooth Polk audio, Garmin, and electronics. It’s got a great layout for comfort cruising, and it’s the perfect fishing boat for young families.

Do GBC fishing boat rentals have captains?

GBC has a crew of licensed boat captains who know the Intracoastal and Atlantic better than anyone. They can also design a great day of fishing, and give you all the tips on local fishing spots. Our fishing boats are fully rigged. GBC boat rentals include bait and ice, and our boats have coolers to bring home your catch!

What’s for dinner?

Close up of cobia fish dish
This cobia recipe from the Foodie Patootie blog is the perfect way to prepare your fresh catch!

Cobia is a popular summertime catch, and a GBC favorite. It’s a flaky white fish similar to tilapia. Here’s a recipe from the Foodie Patootie blog for Sauteed Cobia with Tomatoes and Capers; it’s a quick, simple recipe to try on the just-caught fish you are going to be bringing home from your GBC fishing boat rental!

Boating is our passion; make it yours. A Gulfstream Boat Club is more than Fishing Boat Rentals. Our membership pays for itself in fun, fish, and memories, and you’re free of the hassles of boat ownership. Give us a call at 561.865.7797 to get out on the water!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas in 2019

Gulfstream Boat Club has got great Father’s Day gift ideas!

Sunday, June 16, is Father’s Day, and out on the waters of South Florida is the best place to enjoy it. Gulfstream Boat Club has a variety of Father’s Day gift ideas for you. Make Father’s Day 2019 your best one ever.

It’s not too late to plan a memorable Father’s Day! Did you know that our boat club can plan special events? Let GBC help you design an unforgettable day that the whole family will enjoy. Whether you are planning a sunset cruise, ocean fishing, or a group outing on the Intracoastal, GBC can make it incredibly simple and easy.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas in 2019: Family with kids on a boat in South Florida
GBC owner Alex Warner and his family, ready for Father’s Day!


Here are four great Father’s Day gift ideas from GBC:

1. Boat Club Membership.

Father’s Day brings new members to Gulfstream Boat Club every year. We have a variety of memberships to suit every need and budget. Why own a boat when GBC gives you access to an entire fleet? Here are more details on our many levels of membership. It’s so much better than owning a boat. We’ve got the newest fleet around, and new boats are being added regularly. Definetely one of the best Father’s Day gift ideas we can recommend.

2. Brunch at a Dockside Restaurant.

We can organize a cruise to a dockside restaurant for Father’s Day brunch. Many of the restaurants along the Intracoastal have special menus or events planned that day. Deck 84 and Key Lime House are just two. And arriving by boat makes it an extra special day.

3. GBC Gift Certificate.

A gift certificate is a welcome and easy Father’s Day gift. Cover a captain, fuel, a half-day rental, or more; gift certificates can be provided in any amount. We can wrap the gift certificate, or send it anywhere for you. Call us at 561.865.7797 for details!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas in 2019: Boat on shallow water of South Florida.
A cruise to Peanut Island is a great Father’s Day excursion.

4. GBC Fishing Charter or Boat Cruise.

Do you want more Father’s Day gift ideas? Catch your own Father’s Day dinner! Check out our blog post on our favorite spring catch recipes for fish that are biting right here, right now. One of our licensed captains can plan a memorable excursion for you, Dad, and family and friends. Book early, as this weekend fills up quickly.

Any questions about Father’s Day 2019 gifts or Gulfstream Boat Club membership? We’re open seven days a week; call us at 561.865.7797 anytime. And Happy Father’s Day from GBC!

Center Console Boats Explained

Center console boats are a very popular choice for members and renters at Gulfstream Boat Club. We have center console boats in a variety of lengths. Interested in a fishing charter, sunset cruise, or other excursion on the Intracoastal? A center console boat is a perfect choice for all of the above. Let’s learn more about this versatile crossover boat, with plenty of room for friends and power for whatever outing you have in mind.

Center Console Boat in the water
Check out this center console beauty; this model is coming to GBC in 2019!

And GBC will feature ALL NEW center console boats from Key West Boats in 2019!

What are Center Console Boats?

Well, the name says it all! A center console boat is a type of single-decked, open-hull boat in which the console is in the center of the boat. (The console of a boat is where all the controls are located, including steering, ignition, depth finder and other electronic devices, stereo, etc.) Our larger center console boats feature a cabin underneath. The boat deck surrounds the console and allows you to walk all around the boat—or work a catch all around the boat, if you’re fishing! Center console boats are powered by outboard motors.

Center Console Boats Dash
The center console creates a very versatile boat.

What Activities are Center Console Boats Good For?

These versatile boats are great for fishing. Depending on their size, GBC’s  console boats offer comfortable seating for eight people or more and an open layout, so they’re perfect for sightseeing or a cruise to Peanut Island. Our larger center console boats have large cabins and a porta-potty for longer cruises and family days on the water.

Center Console Boats cruising
Whether you’re fishing or cruising, you and your family and friends will enjoy the ride.

How Do I Rent a Center Console Boat?

Gulfstream Boat Club has three convenient locations in Palm Beach County. We’re open seven days a week, and offer annual memberships, hourly memberships, corporate memberships, and rentals. Ready to plan an outing on one of GBC’s all-new center console boats? It’s a busy season, so book now. Give us a call at 561.865.7797 and we’ll get you started!

Bahamas Boat Charter: 3 Important Questions and Answers

Visit Sapona Shipwreck on your next Bahamas Boat Charter
We don’t skimp on Staff Appreciation Day at GBC.

Here at GBC, Staff Appreciation Day isn’t just celebrated at a restaurant or sports bar. We just got back from a Bahamas boat charter on our 40-foot Intrepid! Two days of fishing, swimming with stingrays, eating fresh fish, and some golf cart hijinks…

Before you get too jealous, remember that we can organize the same for you and your family, friends, or staff:

Find out how to make a charter to the Bahamas from Florida an easy and enjoyable trip.

Boat Charter to Bimini
You can cruise to Bimini on our 40-foot Intrepid in just a few hours.

What’s the best time of year for a Bahamas boat charter?

Really, anytime works. It depends on what you want to fish for. We went in September: mahi season. After leaving GBC’s location at the Palm Beach Yacht Center around 7am on a Tuesday, we arrived in Bimini at the Hilton at Resorts World Bimini around 10am, a luxurious 750-acre marina, hotel, and casino.

Bimini is only 50 miles from Miami, but it’s a world away: this westernmost island of the Bahamas features unspoiled blue waters and white sand beaches, marine life, even a shipwreck. Bimini is also known as the “Sport Fishing Capital of the World.”

Where to stay in Bimini?

After unloading our supplies at our Resorts World villa (the perfect landing for a family or group Bahamas boat charter), we went out and fished for mahi and wahoo. Later Alex took us on a quick cruise out to the Sapona Shipwreck, a concrete-hulled cargo steamer that ran aground near Bimini during a hurricane in 1926. It’s a great spot for swimming, snorkeling, and jumping off the wreck.

We cooled off in the pool, showered, and headed to the Resorts World casino for some burgers and gambling. (A Bahamas fishing charter doesn’t have to be all boating, all the time!) After dinner, we fished off the dock, and took the villa’s golf carts for a spin ‘til the wee hours.

Catch some dolphin in your next Bahamas Boat Charter
Mahi were caught—and cooked, back at our villa!

How’s the fishing in the Bahamas?

The alarms went off at 6:30am; early, yes, but no one wanted to miss out on another full Bimini day. We trolled and caught some more dolphin until the late morning, then went snorkeling. After stopping at the restaurant at Cat Cay Yacht Club for lunch, we headed to another one of Bimini’s landmarks: Honeymoon Harbor. We swam with nurse sharks and stingrays—dozens of them. Once we turned off the Intrepid’s motors, they swarmed the boat, making it an unforgettable stop.

On your Bahamas Boat Charter, do not forget to swim with rays
Swimming with nurse sharks and stingrays at Honeymoon Harbor.

Back at the villa, we barbequed our fresh fish and steaks for dinner, and celebrated Staff Appreciation Day GBC-style. After some night-time fishing and swimming off the docks, we turned in early.

Family weekend to Bahamas with a Bahamas Boat Charter
Treat your family, friends, or even your staff to a Bahamas boating weekend!

On Thursday morning, we were out the door and back on the Intrepid by 7:30am. We arrived back in Delray before noon, feeling fully “appreciated.”

Ready to plan your own Bahamas boat charter? Among other things, our close proximity to the Bahamas and our spectacular 40-foot Intrepid make Gulfstream Boat Club a truly unique boat club. Bimini is a colorful, warm, exceptionally fun vacation spot. Call us at 561.865.7797 and we’ll get you there!

Cost of Owning a Boat?

How much does it cost to own a boat?

It’s important to remember that the purchase price of a boat is just the beginning of the cost commitment! Here are some annual costs to consider when thinking a buying a boat:

Boat Trailer Cost:

You’ll need a trailer to transport and store the boat (and be prepared for hurricanes!). A trailer can range in price from $1,500 to more than $5,000. A trailer will need basic upkeep as well; tires, brakes, and general maintenance, plus monthly storage fees if you can’t keep it on your property when your boat’s in the water.

Boat Insurance Average Cost:

You’ll need at least liability coverage, and likely damage coverage, especially for a new boat, in case of accident or theft. Boat insurance can range from $1,000 to $5,000 per year.

Florida Boating License:

Florida law requires anyone who was born on or after January 1, 1988, to successfully complete an approved boating safety course and obtain a Boating Safety Education Identification Card issued by the Florida Wildlife Commission. Boating safety courses are not especially expensive, but anyone who might drive your boat will have to make the commitment of time for the class.

Boat Storage options:

You will need a cover, a top, or maybe inside storage if you can’t keep the boat at your home or on your property. For outside storage, boats are typically shrinkwrapped at a cost of roughly $10-15 per foot, so a 21-foot boat might cost $200-300 to cover. Inside rack storage costs more, as the boat is better protected from the elements. Figure on roughly $25-$30/foot for inside storage, so that 21-footer would cost about $600 per month.

Boat Safety Equipment and accessories:

You’ll not only need safety gear (life vests, horn, signal flares, etc.), but you’ll most likely want a stereo, lighting, watersports towing equipment, etc., to fully enjoy your boat. The South Florida sun is as strong as it gets and its effects are magnified when out on the water. You should thinking about wearing not only sunscreen but hats, sunglasses, and sun-protective clothing.

Boat Maintenance Costs:

Much like a car, a boat requires a lot of regular maintenance. Like a car, you have cleaning, oil changes, and engine maintenance costs—but then add hull maintenance, storage, and haul-out (if not keeping in the water year-round). Costs for these services can vary widely, based on the boat size, fresh water or salt water, if the boat is new or used, etc.

Boat Marina:

If you keep the boat at a marina, you will incur monthly costs, and they’re high in South Florida. In-water dock space can range from $1,000 to more than $5,000 per season.

Saltwater wear and tear:

If you’re planning on taking your boat out for some deep-sea fishing, not just cruising the Intracoastal, keep in mind that salt water is definitely harsher on a boat and engine than freshwater.

How much does it cost to own a boat?

Do you really need to own a boat?

Have you researched the cost of owning a boat yourself? When we explain the benefits of of Gulfstream Boat Club to a potential new member, they very often ask, “Why would anyone own a boat?” We at Gulfstream Boat Club agree! Many of our members are former powerboat or yacht owners who don’t want the expense and hassle of owning their own boat anymore. On the other hand, many of our members are interested in eventually owning a boat, or learning more about the boating lifestyle, and a boat club is a great way to try it out.

cost of owning a boat for the family
This could be you! Fishing on the weekends—free of the hassle of boat ownership.

Image: Trees Full of Money

Why commit to one kind of boating experience when you can enjoy several?

When you purchase a boat, you have to decide on one kind of experience on the water. You might want a great fishing boat. Or maybe a cruiser for trips down the Intracoastal. Perhaps you are in the market for a pontoon boat for larger family parties and outings. But what if you want to experience all of these outings? The question is, Why choose just one kind of boat? At Gulfstream Boat Club, we have a wide variety of boats, which allows you as a member to go deep-sea fishing one weekend and take your kids tubing the next. Then, on Mother’s Day, you can take everyone on a cruise to a dockside lunch. You can’t beat the flexibility of having access to several kinds of boats!

Why settle for one boat when you can have a whole fleet?

As a Gulfstream Boat Club member, you’ll have access to more than twenty boats, in many sizes and models, seven days a week. That means that with one purchase you can have a variety of experiences. One of our experienced captains can take you and your friends on a fishing excursion. We supply the fishing gear if you need it. Or a captain can take you out on the Intracoastal for a cruise to brunch at a dockside restaurant—perfect for Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, or other holidays which require keeping lots of family members happy and busy! Ask yourself: What is the cost of owning a boat—plus another five or six?

Or, if you are comfortable at the helm, take out one of our center console, dual console, deck, or pontoon boats yourself. Gulfstream Boat Club can recommend outings both south and north of our Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, and Hypoluxo locations. How about a trip to Peanut Island, where you can dock, tour the island, or just take a swim? Or motor south to Lake Boca, where there’s plenty to do and see. Each member of GBC receives their own custom-designed map of the area, which highlights boating and fishing sites you won’t want to miss.

Cost of owning a boat = commitment of time and money

Owning a boat is a huge commitment of time and money, especially for a busy family. Kids’ activities might make it difficult to use your own boat every weekend. Gulfstream Boat Club makes it easy to enjoy a boat when it’s convenient for you. All of our boats are expertly maintained, and have life jackets, stereos, depth finders, and up-to-date electronics. No need to stop for fuel—we’ll fill ‘er up. And we have an online reservation system that allows you to book boats anytime.

cost of owning a boat: huge time investment
A GBC membership allows you to teach your kids a love of boating!

Share the decision to not own a boat—and share the fun!

And why not consider combining business with pleasure? GBC offers a corporate membership perfect for business partners to share. If you’re a real estate agent, take clients new to the area for a nice cruise on the Intracoastal, and get ready to sell that house. GBC’s larger boats could host a work event of up to ten or twelve people. Forget that boring business dinner and let us help you plan a memorable evening out on the water!

cost of owning a boat: Corporate Boat Memberships
Rev up that bachelorette party or other event by taking it out on the water!

When you learn the cost of owning a boat, the idea becomes daunting and can be a deal-breaker for many people who would like to enjoy boating or fishing in South Florida. That’s why Gulfstream Boat Club is such a great concept. Being a boat club member is flexible, affordable, safe, and enjoyable. Leave the maintenance and other hassles of boating to us, and focus on the good parts!

Call GBC at 561.865.7797. Then you’re one step closer to having not just one boat to use on the weekend, but an entire fleet!

Lake Boca: Your New Weekend Plan

A great view of the Boca Inlet near Lake Boca

Lake Boca the Perfect boat cruise destination

Instead of cruising north on your next Gulfstream Boat Club adventure, why not try cruising south? In Boca Raton, Lake Boca and the Boca Inlet area offer the perfect boat cruise destination from GBC’s Delray Beach location at Marina Delray.

One of the benefits of Gulfstream Boat Club is that we can provide a variety of experiences on the water, from deep-sea fishing to a dockside brunch. A trip to Lake Boca is more of the lazy-days-of-summer variety.

Lake Boca and Boca Raton Inlet Safety

The Boca Raton Inlet is located on the East Coast of Florida twenty-four miles south of West Palm Beach, sixteen miles north of Fort Lauderdale, and five miles northward of Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse, near Intracoastal Waterway Mile 1048. The first bridge was built across the Boca Raton Inlet in 1923, a wooden structure of pilings with an opening large enough to allow boats to pass through. Today, a modern drawbridge carries cars across the inlet. The bridge has a restricted opening schedule, opening every quarter-hour from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., and on demand at all other times.

Boat club members need to use care when navigating the Boca Inlet, as there are areas of shoaling. Our new GBC map clearly indicates these areas to avoid. Depth at low tide varies from one to three feet. A sandbar protrudes out of water inside the inlet on the north side. A sandbar extends underwater to within thirty feet of the south jetty. Shoaling and sandbars are continually shifting.

Boaters say that the Boca Raton Inlet is safer now that the city cleared away sand buildup in spring 2017. The city dredged the inlet after the sandbar caused some boats to run aground. The ebb shoal — an area near the mouth of the inlet that collects drifting sand — had caused trouble for boaters. Both the city and boat towing companies had reported an increase in complaints in the months beforehand.

Where to dock in Lake Boca

Boat club members can enjoy access to two hotels and a public park area on Lake Boca. The Boca Raton Resort and Club is located on the west side of the lake. The park area offers picnic areas with grills, a playground, restrooms, and showers.

Waterstone near Lake Boca
The Waterstone Resort offers waterfront dining on Lake Boca.

One of Gulfstream Boat Club members’ favorite destinations is the Waterstone Resort and Marina, which offers Boca’s only waterfront dining experience. You can dock your boat, and enjoy a meal at Boca Landing restaurant. The menu showcases for South Florida’s freshest seasonal flavors. Savor a bountiful European breakfast table, linger over grilled steak and local seafood for dinner, and sample boutique wines from vineyards around the world. Whether you’re dining indoors or at an outdoor table overlooking the Intracoastal, a memorable experience is in store.


Brunch at Waterstone in Lake Boca
Enjoy fine dining and a rare Florida summer breeze at the Waterstone.

Also, the Waterstone is now offering waterfront “Family Dinner Nights” the first Sunday of every month, with a four-course Italian meal and live music. Parties of five or less can book online at; or call 561-226-3022. What a great way to spend time with family friends on a Sunday!

If you haven’t taken a cruise to Lake Boca, now is the time. Grab some friends, make a reservation at the Waterstone, and enjoy the warm breezes. Call us at 561.865.7797 today!

How to Catch Mahi Mahi in Florida

A Boater’s guide on How to Catch Mahi Mahi in Florida.

With waters as warm as they are in August, it’s the perfect time to talk about how to catch mahi mahi in Florida. Dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus) is better known by its Hawaiian name, mahi-mahi (and it’s also known by its Spanish name, dorado, or just as plain mahi). This offshore fish prefers deeper waters over 68 degrees—which means right now offers the ideal conditions to catch mahi mahi.

Success in how to Catch Mahi Mahi in Florida
GBC’s “Mahi” Maralyn Coscia hit the jackpot recently!

Where to find mahi mahi?

GBC’s very own Maralyn Coscia reports that she took her mom out fishing off the coast of Boynton Beach a few weeks ago. She was afraid that her mom would be bored—but they were lucky enough to catch more mahi mahi than they could even legally keep! They cleaned and flash-froze enough to keep in their freezers, and gave the rest to grateful friends and family.

Catching Mahi Mahi in Florida

Mahi mahi is undoubtedly one of Florida’s most beautiful marine species and a favorite on menus at the local restaurants. This is because the Subtropical waters of South Florida are the perfect place to find this migratory fellow.  Here’s a little more information about how to catch mahi mahi in Florida:

According to the Fishing and Wildlife Commission’s website, mahi mahi are attracted to floating objects, and are commonly found in association with floating mats of sargassum (which is at an all-time high this year). The adult fish eat bait fish, flying fish, squid and crabs. They are fast swimmers and extremely fast growers, reaching nearly three feet in length in their first year of life.

Learn how to Catch Mahi Mahi in Florida
If you caught all this mahi, you’d be smiling too!

How to spot mahi mahi?

They are:

* Bright greenish blue back with yellow on sides
* Single dark dorsal fin extends from above the eye to the tail
* Capable of flashing purple, chartreuse and a wide range of other colors
* Body tapers sharply from head to tail
* Irregular blue or golden blotches scattered over sides

Mahi mahi can range anywhere up to 63 inches, and they usually weigh around 30 pounds. (The state record is 81 pounds, caught near Lantana; will you be next?) They resemble a pompano dolphinfish (pompano have a square-shaped tooth patch on the tongue; mahi mahi have an oval-shaped tooth patch on the tongue).

How to lure the mahi mahi?

And how do we recommend you catch mahi mahi in Florida? The Florida FWC advises that large, solitary adult fish are commonly caught while trolling natural baits such as rigged ballyhoo or cigar minnows, but they can also be caught on live bait, cut bait, artificial lures, jigs, or spoons. The tackle used to catch mahi mahi in Florida ranges from light spinning tackle for smaller schooling dolphin, to heavy trolling equipment. Chumming with cut bait or leaving a hooked fish in the water can keep schooling fish near the boat for multiple hookups.

What are the regulations for fishing mahi mahi in Florida?

There are rules for fishing for mahi mahi in Atlantic state waters. The legal gear allowed is hook and line, or spearing. In this area, the minimum size limit for mahi is 20” fork length (the fish as measured from the tip of the jaw or tip of the snout with closed mouth to the center of the fork in the tail). The daily bag limit is 10 fish per person, or 60 per vessel, whichever is less.

Though they are often served blackened, or on a sandwich, our favorite way to eat mahi mahi is just simply grilled, maybe with a little freshly made salsa. Try this delicious recipe from the Food Channel for Grilled Ginger Mahi-Mahi with Tropical Fruit Salsa, and we will be surprised if it’s not the best thing you ever ate.

Do you require hands-on training on how to Catch Mahi Mahi? The captains at GBC are fully licensed fishermen. They’ll help you learn more about how to catch, and clean a boatload of mahi mahi. The time is right in South Florida. Give us a call at 561.865.7797, and we’ll get you set up for a day of mahi mahi fishing you won’t forget!