7 Must-Have Boat Accessories for Your Next Boating Activity

There are plenty of boating essentials that you need to take with you on every boating adventure. These essentials include safety equipment, first aid kits, and more. Aside from all of the essentials, there are a few must have boat accessories to help make your boating trip more fun and enjoyable!

When you pack the right accessories with you, it can make your trip more enjoyable by providing you with all of the things you might need while out on the water. You’d be surprised by how many of these items come in handy when you’re on your boat!

Remember, once you leave the shore, you no longer have access to phone chargers, food and drinks, cleaning supplies, and more. If you’re planning a day out on the water, then be sure to read this list of must-have items below.

Here’s what you need to know!

1. Waterproof Bag

A boating trip entails being surrounded by water. When you’re surrounded by water, it can be difficult to keep everything dry at all times. You most likely have a lot of things on your trip that can get wet such as beach toys and water sports equipment. 

You also have many things that you don’t want to get wet such as cell phones, cameras, wallets, watches, clothing, towels, and more. A waterproof dry bag will help keep all of these items dry while on the boat. 

You won’t have to worry about water splashing into the boat or having your items fall overboard. Purchase a few of these waterproof bags to hold all of your dry items in and let your mind become worry-free.

2. Waterproof Power Bank

Imagine being out on a boat for an entire day with no access to a phone charger. While having fun on the boat, you’ll most likely want to take several pictures and videos to remember your day by. The more you use your phone and other devices, the quicker they’ll lose their charge.

Aside from taking pictures and videos, you need your phone to have a charge in case you need to use it in an emergency. A waterproof power bank is a must-have accessory because it can charge multiple devices without worries of water damaging it. 

It’s the best way to stay charged at all times while on the boat.

3. Dog Ladder

We understand that some of these accessories listed might be helpful for some but not everyone. A dog ladder is a great accessory to have on your boat if you love to hit the water with your pup from time to time. 

The dog ladder attaches to the boat allowing for easy pup access. There’s no doubt that dogs have no trouble jumping right into the water from off the side of the boat, but getting back into the boat can be challenging for some pups. 

Having a dog ladder will give them the freedom to swim and come back on board as they please. 

4. GoPro Camera

A GoPro camera can capture all of those insane moments that you won’t be able to record on your cellphone. If you plan on partaking in some water sports or activities, a GoPro is a great way to show everyone what you were seeing at the moment.

The good thing about this type of camera is that it’s waterproof and can be strapped onto your forehead for a hands-free recording. You’ll amaze friends and family with the cool videos and photos taken on your GoPro!

5. Solar Panel 

Having a solar panel installed on your boat will save you from a dead battery. As your boat sits and isn’t used for a certain amount of time, the battery will begin to lose its charge. A solar panel will help keep your battery alive when it’s not in use and ready to go when it’s time for your next boating adventure. 

Choose a solar panel with 2 to 5 watts to prevent the battery from overcharging, and remember that the solar panel doesn’t take the place of traditional battery chargers. It helps prevent it from losing its power when not in use.

6. Boat Jump Pack

Speaking of dead batteries, a boat jump pack is another essential accessory to bring along with you. The last thing you want is to find yourself stranded out on the water with a dead battery. A boat jump pack is the quickest fix to a dead battery.

A jump pack is small and easy to transport and store on your boat. When you find yourself in need, grab the jump pack and jump your battery back to life.

7. Mobile Washer

If you’re spending an entire day on the boat, or even several days, you’ll want to have a mobile washer by your side. Mobile washers are compact and allow you to wash your clothing from anywhere. All it requires to work is some warm water and soap. 

When clothes get wet with saltwater or bathing suits need cleaning, simply place them in the mobile washer and quickly wash them and set them out to dry!

Which Must Have Boat Accessories Does Your Boat Need?

Not everyone needs the same boat accessories to enjoy their day out on the water. The must have boat accessories best-suited for you depend on your own personal adventure!

Do you want to enjoy boat life without the hassles that come along with owning a boat? 

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Essential Fishing Gear You Should Pack for Your First Time out on the Boat

Fishing is one of the most peaceful, yet exciting pastimes that exist today. If this is going to be your first time fishing out on a boat, then congratulations!

Before you go, you’ll want to be sure and pack all of the essential things that you need in order to have a successful trip.

Even one missing piece can result in a major bummer for your fishing session, and since you’re out on the water, there will be no turning back.

Here is all the essential fishing gear that you’ll need to pack for your first time out as a boat fisherman. Be sure to check them all off your list before you go!

1. Fishing Rod, Reel, and Line

Your first fishing trip wouldn’t turn out very well without these three items. Still, it bears repeating to a) invest in these things before you go and b) check them off your list before you leave for the trip.

For all you beginner fishermen out there, the more high-quality your rod and reel is, the more weight it will be able to carry—thus, the bigger the fish you will be able to tussle with after you hook it.

Be warned: there are hundreds of different lines for you to choose from, so much so that it might be overwhelming to shop for before your first fishing experience. Try going with a fluorocarbon line to start things out. They’re nearly invisible to the fish under the water, super-strong lines, and are able to brush up against sharp rock without ripping.

Depending on the place you fish, that abrasion-resistant line will especially come in handy!

2. First-Aid Kit

You never know what will happen while you’re out on a fishing boat. Typically, the outing will consist of peace and quiet, but there are also emergency situations that could occur.

If an emergency were to happen, you’d want to make sure you have supplies to temporarily take care of a cut, so be sure to pack a first-aid kit.

Be sure to pack a first-aid kit on the larger side of things. Make sure it includes things such as cleansing wipes, insect bite cream, gauze, band-aids, eyewash, and Neosporin.

You might also want to include some butterfly closures just in case you score a big catch that ends up socking you in the face with its tail… you never know!

As soon as you arrive at the body of water, place the first-aid kit on the boat so that you don’t forget it onshore when you take off.

3. Tackle

Don’t worry, first-timers, you won’t have to get too extensive with purchasing tackle on your first trip.

There are three types of tackle that you will need: floats, weights, and hooks. The name of each implies the service they’ll perform for your bait.

Weights help you cast your line out further. The more weight you have behind your toss, the farther it will go.

Everyone knows what hooks are fore, but be sure to ask an expert for a hook brand that will be longer-lasting. Lastly, floats are needed to keep the bait floating near the top of the water. Otherwise, it would gradually sink to the bottom.

4. Fishing Apparel

Everyone is familiar with the hardcore fishermen that wear khaki bucket hats, khaki vests, and khaki shorts with enough pockets for all their bait and hooks.

While you won’t need to go that far, there are some essential pieces of apparel needed to a) heighten your experience and b) protect your skin.

First off, be sure to bring an extra pair of everything. That means an extra shirt, shorts, underwear, socks, shoes, everything. Don’t set sail without them.

Next, you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing a fishing shirt that provides UV protection for your skin. Your regular shirt doesn’t block as many UV rays as you’d think it would.

Also, be sure to bring a hat to protect your head from the sun and a windbreaker to provide warmth out on the windy sea/lake/ocean.

5. Live Bait

Plain and simple: without live bait, your fishing excursion won’t be very eventful. While the answers on which bait you should use vary by the expert, most would agree that nightcrawler is a top choice.

Nightcrawler is especially effective for freshwater fishing since almost every fish will take to it. Not many other forms of bait can give you that variation.

They’ll be a great choice for your first venture, giving you the chance to catch a bass on your first time out. 

They virtually guarantee you a catch or two throughout the day, so if nothing else, it can help you get the hang of your new craft!

6. Fishing Net

Even the most experienced of fishermen will tell you how difficult it can be to try and firmly grasp a flailing fish while balancing yourself on a rocking boat.

To rid yourself of that burden, bring a fishing net for the trip so that you can easily scoop the fish up and let it tire itself out.

Whether you intend to clean the fish and ice the fillets or throw it back, the net will be a saving grace in helping you keep your energy.

Pack Your Essential Fishing Gear for the Boating Trip!

Now that you’ve seen all the essential fishing gear you need for the big trip, it’s time to find the right boat to rent!

Be sure to read this article on how to keep your kids safe while boating if you intend to bring them along on the fishing trip.

For more inquiries on boat memberships and rentals, please reach out via our online contact form, and we’ll be happy to assist you further!

What to Wear on a Boat: Style and Practical Tips for Men and Women

Whether you’re renting a boat for a day of fishing or for a day of partying, you’ll want to know what to wear on a boat to ensure comfort and practicality. If you’re assuming that a day out on the boat means a simple bathing suit and messy hair, we wouldn’t say you’re wrong. 

However, you can dress for a boat trip and remain stylish while keeping it practical. You won’t want to wear your favorite formal suit or dress, but there are a few ways to show off your fashion sense while looking like a true captain or boating expert!

If you’re ready to indulge in some offshore fun but aren’t sure how to dress for the boat, then you’ll want to continue reading below. Here are a few boating outfit tips to impress everyone! 

Boat Fashion for Women

Other than your bathing suit and sunblock, there are a few boating outfit necessities to consider for your next boating adventure. Pick out your favorite bathing suit, and then be sure to keep these tips in mind. 

1. T-Shirt Dress Cover-Up

The t-shirt dress is a newer style and provides style along with comfort. Sliding into a t-shirt dress over your bathing suit is a wonderful way to keep the style going while still fitting the practical side. A great color to choose for wearing on the boat would be a white t-shirt dress. 

You’ll stand out amazingly against the blue waters. If you’re looking to bump up the sophistication aspect of it, be sure to choose a button-up t-shirt dress.

2. Flowy Sundress

We know how great sundresses are for the summertime. They’re stylish and keep you nice and cool during the hotter months. Sundresses also work well as bathing suit cover-ups to wear on the boat. 

Sundresses also come in styles longer than that of a t-shirt dress, so if you’re looking to show a little less when covered up, then a flowy sundress might be a great option for you. Sundresses also come in a variety of colors and patterns, so finding one that pairs well with a boat should be a breeze!

Look for sundresses with natural colors or sealife patterns!

3. Sun Hat and Sun Shades

If you’re spending the day out on the open waters on a boat, then you need to protect yourself from the sun. Sunblock should be your first line of defense, and a sun hat and some sunshades should be your next. 

It won’t be much fun if you can’t open your eyes to see anything. When you’re out in the middle of the ocean, the sun becomes even more powerful, so be sure to pick out a stylish sun hat and some stylish shades to match it. 

Sun hats can be small or large. The choice is yours! We recommend matching your sun hat with a pair of oval-shaped sunglasses for a chic look.  

4. Non-Slip Sandals

Non-slip sandals are another must when spending the day on a boat. We know that fashion is a necessity for you, but don’t risk your safety by wearing a pair of ordinary sandals. When traveling via-boat, things will get wet.

If fishing is a planned activity, then prepare for even wetter and sometimes slimy floors. Do some research and be sure to find a pair of boating sandals. There are plenty of options available, and you’re sure to find something fashionable!

Boat Fashion for Men

Swimtrunks aren’t the only necessities for men either while planning a boating outfit! A fun day of fishing or a fun day of partying and relaxing can all be done in style. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Captain Snapback Cap

If you’re the captain of the boat (or a captain in training), you need a captain snapback cap! This cap is going to keep you protected from the sun while impressing everyone who passes by. 

Find a cap with adjustable straps for your convenience. You don’t want to be stuck with a too loose or too tight hat all day. Caps with mesh in the back are also ideal as they’re light and help keep you cool. 

2. Nylon Long Sleeve Shirt 

A nylon long sleeve shirt is another wonderful clothing item to wear while out on the boat. This long sleeve shirt will keep you protected from the sun and high winds as well. They’re a necessity when planning to spend a day on the water while traveling at high speeds, but they don’t compromise style. 

They’re also cool and soft for added comfort. 

3. Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are the perfect pairing to a long sleeve nylon shirt. Bermuda shorts are fashionable but practical for boating activities. These shorts will also help keep you cool while under the sun.

We suggest going with a white or off-white color. 

4. Non-Slip Boating Shoes

Again, non-slip boating shoes are essential. There are plenty of options to choose from depending on how you plan to spend your day. You can choose from a few non-slip flip flops to actual boating shoes. 

The choice is yours and what looks best will depend on your outfit. Closed-toe boating shoes are a great item to pair with your Bermuda shorts!

Learn What to Wear on a Boat for Your Next Adventure!

If you’re ready to start planning your next boating adventure, then keep these tips in mind to ensure you know what to wear on a boat!

When you have your outfit picked out, and you’re ready to cruise the seas, click here to inquire about a membership and boat rentals!

South Florida’s Best Fishing Apparel

GBC’s Fave South Florida Fishing Apparel

The bad news is that it is H-O-T in South Florida in August. The good news is, as a member of Gulfstream Boat Club, you’ve got access to the coolest place around: out on the water. The summer months are a great time to use your boat club membership to plan fishing trips (here’s what’s in season), dockside cruises, or motor over to a great swimming spot.

As great as it is to be on a boat on the Intracoastal, we at Gulfstream Boat Club remind our members that the sun in South Florida is at its strongest right now, and its effects are magnified out on the water. Everyone should be wearing not only sunscreen but hats, sunglasses, and sun-protective clothing.

Here are a few of GBC’s favorite brands for South Florida boat-friendly sun gear. And the best part? They’re all local small businesses. There’s something on this list for every boat-loving man, woman, and child. Shop online or stop in—and tell them Gulfstream Boat Club sent you!

Gulfstream Boat Club’s Florida-Friendly Sources for Sun-Protective Gear:

Nomad Surf Shop Fishing apparel
Nomad Surf Shop features its own line of sun-protective clothing, and many other brands as well.

Nomad Surf Shop

Nomad is a favorite of our boat club members, and it’s a must-visit for out-of-town guests. Founded in 1968, Nomad has been family owned and operated since the beginning, and offers an authentic feel based on their love of surfing. The Nomad brand has grown along with the shop. Nomad features their own performance hats and shirts, as well as the best SPF-protective clothes on the market for men, women, and kids. They’ve also got a huge selection of sunscreen, water-resistant watches, sunglasses, swimsuits—and of course, their custom surfboards! Re-hydrate at their new coffee and smoothie truck, located right outside the front door. Open seven days. 4655 N. Ocean Blvd, Boynton Beach

Scales Fishing apparel
Local brand Scales Gear is designed for fishermen by fishermen.

Scales Gear

“Look good, fish harder,” says SCALES. Launched in 2008 with a focus on elite anglers competing in top-tier tournament circuits, SCALES was born from a passion for the sea and the endless pursuit of adventure. Scales offers performance swimsuits, clothing, and accessories for men, women, and kids. Their SCALES PRO Performance line offers the latest in advanced technology, with a patent-pending fabric that keeps you dry, eliminates odor with an EPA registered antimicrobial additive, and is stain resistant. Their PRO Performance Shirt is UPF rated 50+ for ultimate protection so you can be comfortable all day on the water and in the sun.

Fishing apparel for women
Periwinkle, Morley, and Coco & Co are all located on Delray’s Atlantic Avenue, and are perfect for dock-to-dinner wear.

Periwinkle, Morley, and Coco & Co

All located along Delray Beach’s Atlantic Avenue, these great boutiques owned by local entrepreneur Carrie Delafield carry the ultimate in boat-to-brunch wear. These are Delray’s destination for men’s and women’s resort wear when looking for fishing apparel, with everything from dresses to bikinis, board shorts and sunglasses. They offer a selection of on-trend and unique styles from new and known designers. Complimentary personal stylists are on hand to work one-on-one with clients. Open seven days. Morley: 415 East Atlantic Ave; Periwinkle: 339 East Atlantic Ave; Coco & Co: 209 E Atlantic Ave., all in Delray Beach

Glades Fishing apparel for men and women
Glades Soul donates a portion of each sale of its gear to help conserve the Everglades.

Glades Soul

Glades Soul is “A Brand Rooted in the Heart of Florida,” born out of a love of the Everglades. The water that flows through it and in it are the life blood of Florida. Their logo is the mangrove tree, a crucial building block of the Everglades. Mangrove forests are as rich in biodiversity as any other kind of forest on earth, both above and below the waterline. Glades Soul offers hats and a Solar Performance Long Sleeve that offers superior sun protection and performance qualities. When it comes to Fishing apparel, their Solar Performance Long Sleeve is lightweight, comfortable, and sure to keep the sun’s rays from penetrating through to your skin. This fabric is powered by PURE-tech™ moisture wicking technology. 100% Microfiber w/ UPF Protection. Your Glades Soul purchase helps support the Coastal Conservation Association.

Gulfstream Boat Club hats and T-shirts: say it loud, say it proud!

Gulfstream Boat Club

Don’t forget your GBC-branded gear! GBC offers a selection of hats and T-shirts for men and women with 50+ sun protection. The fishing apparel is available both online and at our Delray Beach location.

Now that you’re all geared up for a South Florida boat cruise, give Gulfstream Boat Club a call at 561.865.7797 to schedule one today!