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The wind in your hair, the saltwater breeze, and beautiful views in every direction—there’s truly nothing better than boating and fishing in Florida.

If you love spending time on the water, you might be thinking about joining a local boating club to make it easier to sail, swim, and fish at any time. However, before you start searching for a ‘boat club near me’, you may be confused about how to find the right club.

There are plenty of boating clubs out there, all offering different services, amenities, and membership options. Before picking up the phone to call the club, it’s helpful to give some thought about what you’d like to get out of your club membership.

Then, keep reading to find five key questions to ask your potential boating club before reaching out.

1. I’m Looking for a Boat Club Near Me—What Are the Benefits of Joining Your Club?

If you’re considering ramping up your boating activity with a boat club membership, one of the first questions to ask is about membership benefits.

If you join a boat club, what will you get for your money? Always ask the staff to explain what advantages members receive and why their club has more to offer than the others.

The top boat clubs will offer boat rentals, fishing charters, a convenient booking system, sunset cruises, catering, and a wide range of boats and charters to choose from. Make sure you’re aware of all of the boat membership benefits when you join, so that you’re sure to make the most of all the benefits.

Your club should look after everything you need to enjoy boating activities and fun out on the water!

2. Do You Offer Flexible Membership Options?

When it comes to boat memberships, it’s important to know that one size doesn’t fit all. Everyone has different needs and preferences when joining a club, so ask if the club offers just one membership or flexible membership options.

Ideally, your boat club membership could give you plenty of options to only pay for the service you’ll use, making it easier to budget.

At Gulfstream Boat Club, we are proud to offer both unlimited memberships or hourly packages. With unlimited, you can select from a six-month or annual membership, perfect for those who want to spend plenty of time out on the water.

Or, if you’ll be boating less often, check out the hourly packaging, ensuring you only pay for the hours you’ll use. Both memberships include access to the same benefits, including a wide variety of boats and boating accessories.

3. Do I Need a Boat License?

You may want to ask the staff if you need a boating license—can you still join a boating club without one?

It’s an important question, but the good news is that your boating club should include licensed captains and staff, making sure you can enjoy a safe and fun day out on the water, even without a boating license.

If you live in Florida, you may find it helpful to know that a boating license isn’t required. However, the state requires most residents to complete a boating safety course, as it’s essential to know how to stay safe out on the water.

Your boat club is sure to be experts when it comes to boating regulations and safety, so ask them about any questions or concerns you might have about staying safe out on the water.

4. Is Fishing Equipment Available?

One of the best things about a visit to the Florida gulf has to be the fishing! The Florida coastline offers 1,350 miles of saltwater coastline, not to mention the freshwater fishing opportunities.

You can fish for amazing catches such as sailfish, tarpon, bass, and trout, to name a few.

However, what happens if you’re just visiting and don’t have your own fishing equipment? Rods and reels can be pricey, so be sure to ask your potential boating club if they can provide fishing gear for your charter.

We offer everything our members need to enjoy a day of fishing, including all of the equipment and boats that are fitted out specifically for fishermen.

Or, if fishing isn’t your thing, we also offer snorkel gear, waterskis, and wakeboards. This gives you all the toys you need for a fun afternoon on the gulf, enjoying the Florida sunshine at its best.

5. Do You Have Multiple Locations?

One of the biggest factors in selecting a boating club is convenience. You want a club that’s nearby, easy to access, and has flexible drop-off and pick-up options.

Gulfstream Boat Club has three locations, in Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, and Hypoluxo. Your membership lets you access all three locations, depending on your preferences.

Florida is a big place, so be sure to find a club that offers the convenience to align with your lifestyle.

Find the Right Boat Club Today

Are you ready to join one of the best clubs out there? If you’re searching online for ‘a boat club near me’, we hope you come across Gulfstream Boat Club.

We have one of the fastest-growing fleets in South Florida, offering members a wide range of boats for both cruising and fishing. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff work across three convenient locations, making it easier than ever for you to find the perfect charter close to your home or hotel.

Gulfstream Boat Club is happy to answer any of your questions about membership, safety, cleanliness, or awesome things to do on the water. We look forward to having you as part of the club, so contact us today and we’ll see you soon!


GBC has the fastest-growing fleet of cruising and fishing boats in South Florida. our reputation for excellent service and safety is second to none. Wheter you are planning a sunset cruise, ocean fishing, or a family water skiing trip on the intracoastal, GBC makes it simple and easy.

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